23 February 2011


An excellent ambiance prevailed at the Indigo Fashion edition, which continued to see visitor increases and sustained business activity. Some 13,572 visits were registered in February 2011, a rise of 9% over the corresponding 2010 edition. The accumulated result of the 3 days is greater than that of the 4-day edition in February 2010, and shows a particularly high visitor-to-exhibitor ratio for the sector, a cause for cheer among the 156 exhibitors at the show. When compared with last September, the first 3-day session, the increase was equally notable (+ 20%). this Paris session confirms the return of the international market to practically pre-crisis levels.
Aware of the importance of Indigo as a business and image platform for their studios, Indigo exhibitors sought to stand out and impose the image of their brand by developing customised stands.
The results of the February 2011 Fashion Edition of Indigo regain pre-crisis levels, and attest to the coherence of the concept of a multi-industry and multi-product show. At the heart of a sophisticated fashion process, Indigo constitutes an obligatory passage, as pointed out by Peter Westcott of Westcott Designs and Appaloosa (United Kingdom), who has been showing for many years at Indigo: “...Indigo is a vital resource for the fashion industry, the designers from which gather in increasing numbers at Indigo each season to stock up on prints and embellishments for their collections…”

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