19 May 2010

The Concise Dictionary of Dress 28th April - 27th June, Blythe House

The Concise Dictionary of Dress is a project conceived by a curator
of costume, Judith Clark and a writer and psychoanalyst, Adam
Phillips. The project is formed around eleven written definitions of
words, and eleven related visual displays clothing and clothingrelated
objects that have been placed within the various spaces of
Blythe House.
Blythe House is the storage facility of the Victoria and Albert
Museum. A five-storey Victorian building, it houses the V&A’s
collections of ceramics, textiles, furniture, and fashion when they are
not on display in the Museum.
The Concise Dictionary of Dress is experienced at Blythe House as a
walk through the building in groups of a maximum of seven people,
each group guided by a member of Artangel’s staff.
The tours will cover five floors, including a roof space, and will last
roughly an hour. Click here for more information and to book your ticket.

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